The Knobel - Extra Wide (PRE-CUT FOIL - 200 Sheets - 8" x 16")
The Knobel - Extra Wide (PRE-CUT FOIL - 200 Sheets - 8" x 16")
The Knobel - Extra Wide (PRE-CUT FOIL - 200 Sheets - 8" x 16")
The Knobel - Extra Wide (PRE-CUT FOIL - 200 Sheets - 8" x 16")
The Knobel - Extra Wide (PRE-CUT FOIL - 200 Sheets - 8" x 16")

The Knobel - Extra Wide (PRE-CUT FOIL - 200 Sheets - 8" x 16")

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Foil Me's The Knobel - Extra Wide, named after Sheree Knobel, our Australian ambassador and owner of the illustrious Bixie Colour salon in NSW, Australia.

In carefully crafted and aesthetically pleasing pastel pink packaging, this stunning extra wide and long pastel pink foil features our premium Foil Me signature embossing; perfect for creating a loving ambience in your salon.

The Foil Me Difference - our foils are designed with unique features where you will:

    • Minimise time, conserve product and improve efficiency with the signature embossing, our extra wide and long sized pre-cut pastel pink foil sheets and convenient 'tissue-box' dispensing.
    • Love your work; pink is from the primary color red, the universal color of love and it is also a proven color that increases productivity. You, your staff and your clients will naturally fall in love with your salon and their hair. #pinkliveshere
    • Ensure beautiful results and effortless application with our unique and exclusive foil composition.
    • Enjoy an aesthetically pleasing and luxurious packaging design that suits any salon décor.
    • Relish in the range of colors and patterns available in this style.
    • Slumber peacefully knowing you've chosen to create with tools where the foil and packaging are not only 100% recyclable but the foil is made from a percentage of recycled aluminum too.

    *Please note the following ordering terms: all orders are final and are unable to be returned for refunds or exchange*

    Product Specifications:

    • Embossed, pink pre-cut foil
    • 8" x 16"
    • 200 sheets

    Dear Foil Me Movers,

    We know how much you love our foils so that's why we try to dispatch all orders within 24 hours (on business days of course!).

    Our warehouse is based in Missouri which means we can have our amazing foils delivered to your door usually within 2-4 business days.

    We offer a $12.90 shipping cap for up to 6 individual boxes of foil.  So if you order a single box or 5 boxes, the most you will pay is $12.90.

    We use a combination of Fedex and UPS however if you have specific needs please don't he hesitate to contact us and we will do our very best to make your Foil Me experience as enjoyable as possible.


    Emily, Ili and the Foil Me Team. 

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    Customer Reviews

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    I’m addicted 💓

    I moved cities and my new salon wasn’t carrying foil me. I asked if I could bring some in for them to try and now everyone is HOOKED!

    I knew it’d happen! 😉

    Thanks for just being the absolute best foil company around! I’m addicted 💓

    Thank you so much for spreading the word at your new salon! We truly appreciate the kind words and we are very happy knowing that you and your salon are happy. - Ili (Co-owner)