Foil Me’s frequently asked questions:


Q: How can I place an order?

A: We want our Foil Me lovers to be able to order in a way that suits their lifestyle best! The most direct form of ordering is via our website, as you are able to view the full Foil Me range, before making a ‘cart’ and proceeding with delivery and payment details. If you would prefer to speak with a Foil Me team member, please call our office number: +61423403899. We also receive and take orders via our email, hello@foilme.com.au, and via DM on Facebook and Instagram.


Q: How can I cover my order?

A: Foil Me provides multiple options for how you would like to cover your order. If you have ordered via our website, you have the options of credit card, pay pal, or bank transfer. These options also apply if you decided to order directly through a Foil Me team member, as we will either send you an ‘order request’ from our website, or we can process your card details manually. We want to make sure that you can select an option that you are most comfortable with. Please note, if you are international (not in Australia), we are unable to take bank transfer as an option – thank you for your understanding.

Q: What are your shipping details?

For your convenience we have included shipping logistics for both pre  and current covid-19 situation.

Pre Covid-19 Logistics:

Foil Me Orders are dispatched from Adelaide, Australia using a Priority Air Service.

We aim to dispatch all orders within 24 hours (business days). 

Please allow 4-9 business days for major cities and slightly longer for regional areas.

    Current Logistics (due to Covid-19)

    Please note, the following details are for your guidance on shipping times whilst distancing restrictions are still in place in both our warehouse and couriers. These measures are taken to ensure everyone’s safety and we thank you for your understanding and patience.  

    All Foil Me orders are packed and sent from Springfield, Misouri via I'velle Traveling Beauty Market. 

    We use USPS for our American orders. Please note they are experiencing delivery delays due to social distancing measures, as well as disinfection procedures at each depot upon the way to you.Please allow 12-14 business days for major cities and slightly longer for regional areas.

      Q: What are the benefits of using Foil Me’s foils?

      A: Foil Me is all about making your life as a colourist easier. The Foil Me ‘Grip Me’ range includes our signature embossing, which has many benefits for all hair foiling techniques. Our embossing allows our foils to be finer than most, whilst still being malleable and strong. The embossing also allows for our foils to grip the hair, meaning your foils won’t slip and slide, and will hold in place for you.

      Our foils also save you time, as we specialise in pre-cut foils, meaning all those hours measuring and cutting foils by either yourself or your apprentice are over! Our convenient and sleek ‘tissue box’ design allows neat and quick dispensing, without sticking! Also, whilst processing, the air is able to circulate quickly around our embossing, allowing for a faster processing time.

      We understand that different foiling techniques and hairstyles means you will need different length foils, which is why we provide our Foil Me lovers with a range of different sizes to choose from.


      Q: I haven’t liked embossed foils that I’ve tried in the past. Why would I like Foil Me’s foils?

      A: Unlike other embossed foils that may tear easily or be too difficult/stiff to move, our foils are specifically designed for hairdressers, so that you can fold and move your foils with ease, whilst having the confidence that they won’t tear. Our signature embossing ensures more grip, less colour used and faster processing time! If you would like, you are welcome to visit the reviews on our products, or use #foilmefoils on our Instagram account @foilmefoils to see what people are saying about our foils and why we are so popular!


      Q: What is the best way to contact Foil Me if I have an enquiry or feedback?
       We love assisting our Foil Me lovers wherever possible, so please contact us if you have any enquiries regarding our foils, our service, or your delivery. You can contact Foil Me’s team via calling our office phone on 0423 403 899, emailing us on hello@foilme.com.au, messaging us directly on either Facebook at www.facebook.com.au/foilmeaustralia, or our Instagram accounts @foilmefoils, @foilmefoils_monique and for International social media @foilmefoils_charlotte. Our team absolutely love receiving any feedback you have regarding our foils and service, and may ask if we can use your feedback on our website and/or social media – thank you for your support!


      Q: Will I receive a tracking number for my delivery?

      A: Each Foil Me lover is sent a tracking number via email, once their foils are on the way!


      Q: What microns are your foils?

      A: Our foils are designed to be finer than most, so that you are able to get closer to the scalp during application, with a guarantee for stunning results. Most of our range is based on our Grip Me Originals. However, for those of you who just love a thicker foil, we do provide our ‘Grip Me Heavy’ foils which are 18 microns. We have had many of our Foil Me lovers come to us loving heavy foil; however, this is usually due to not wanting their foil to tear, etc. After trying our foils, we have an overwhelming amount of reviews saying ‘I can’t go back’ – check out the reviews on our products to see what others have to say!


      Q: How do I order outside of the USA?

      A: If you’re from the Australia or New Zealand you can visit our Australian site - www.foilme.com.au).  If you are from the UK, you can still order via this website (foilmefoils.com) or you can contact us direct to process an order manually.


      Q: Why is Foil Me different from other foils?

      A:  Our foils are unique and specifically designed for the hair industry; they are designed on what you, the colourist want and need in order to achieve the best results for your clients. We are constantly evolving to suit the changing trends and colourist’s needs which means you will always receive the very best foil in the industry.


      Q: Are your foils made from recycled foil?

      A: Like ALL aluminium foil, Foil Me foils are made from a percentage of recycled aluminium; this percentage fluctuates with every release due to the amount of raw and recycled materials available. ALL aluminium foil is produced this way and it is impossible to have a hair foil that is made completely from recycled hair foil and aluminium scrap foil. Mixed foil from post and pre-consumer scrap metals can only be used for aluminium alloy die-castings, aluminium alloy bars for construction, engine cases, etc. It is dependent on the aluminium alloy chemical composition of Fe, Mg or Zn elements. If different kinds of aluminium foil waste mix together to produce hair foil, the foil’s physical property will be changed to the point where it will be just like toilet paper and have black marks on it. 


      Q: Is Foil Me 100% recyclable?

      A: YES. It can be recycled over and over again without loss of properties. The packaging is also 100% recyclable. To recycle, please wash the foil thoroughly and roll several sheets into a ball that is of a tennis ball size. Any foil you recycle will be made into aluminium products, but not necessarily hair foil. Each of our boxes has a recycling logo, along with simple instructions on how to recycle our foils. Of course, please contact us if you have any enquiries regarding how you can recycle our foils.


      Q: Are your brushes recyclable?

      A: Foil Me cares about the environment and the impact the hairdressing industry can have on its health. Therefore it is important to us that our products are made from items that are 100% recyclable. Our brush handles are made from a polypropylene, abbreviated as PP, which is a recyclable thermoplastic polymer widely used in many different products. PP’s resin identification code is 5, and it is recyclable.

      Information sourced from: https://www.thebalancesmb.com/an-overview-of-polypropylene-recycling-2877863

      Our bristles are vegan (not boar hair) and they are made from a polybutylene plastic (PB or PBT) and it is 100% recyclable also.

      To recycle, please dispose of your brush in the recycling bin provided by your council.