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Ordering & Shipping

We know and respect that your time is precious so you can place an order quickly and efficiently via our website.

Alternatively, we adore an opportunity to get to know you so if you would like to communicate with us directly, please either:


Call: +61 423 403 899

DM: @foilmefoils

Foil Me provides multiple options for how you would like to cover your order. If you have ordered via our website, you have the option of credit card, or PayPal. These options also apply if you would like to order directly through a Foil Me team member, where we can either send you an ‘order request’ from our website, or process your card details manually either over the phone or via email.

Foil Me orders are dispatched from our warehouse in Missouri, at times, and depending on the availability of collections, they may be dispatched from Australia.

Refunds and exchanges are available depending on the condition of your return.

If you change your mind, you may return your order within 14 days of receiving it; however, please note that shipping charges will apply.

We love assisting our Foil Me Movers wherever possible, so please contact us if you have any enquiries regarding our products, service, or deliveries. You can contact our team via contacting +61 423 403 899, or emailing us at . Alternatively, you can message us directly on either Facebook or our Instagram account @foilmefoils.

About Foil Me

Foil Me was curated from the desire to help colorists have an easier, more enjoyable experience in the salon. We are a brand synonymous with creation, innovation, appreciation and integration. Our foils and brushes have been and always will be designed for you, the savvy hair artist. Each foil collection is unique and varies in size, thickness, color, style and graphic designs and our brushes vary in width and length to ensure you're painting your canvases with ease. To find out more about specific products and their benefits, please view our collections here.

Unlike other embossed foils that may tear easily or be too difficult/stiff to move, our foils are specifically designed for hair artists who appreciate the time and investment they make when creating their masterpieces; we have ensured you can fold and move your foils with ease, whilst having the confidence they won’t tear. Our signature embossing ensures more grip, minimal product is needed, bleeding is reduced and processing time is faster. If you would like, you are welcome to visit the reviews on any of our collections, or you may search #foilmefoils on Instagram to see what people are saying about us and our exclusive salon essentials.

Our foils are designed to be fine to ensure a more enjoyable and efficient application process that guarantees stunning results. Most of our rang is of the same quality and thickness. However, for those of you who prefer a heavier foil, we do provide our Heavy styles which are 18 microns. Many of our Foil Me Movers leave reviews remarking that they "can’t go back" after trying our unique foils – please visit a product page and scroll down to view the reviews. 

Our foils are unique and specifically designed for the hair industry; they are designed on what you, the savvy colorist, want and need in order to achieve the best results for your clients. We also design our foils with your happiness in mind; many of our designer collection are based on collaborations and colors to ensure the experience you have with your products and your client are emotionally connected. We are constantly evolving to suit the changing trends and colorist’s needs, which means you will always receive premium and unique products that provide your salon with a point of difference and make your life as a hair artist easier and more enjoyable.

Like all Aluminum foil, Foil Me's foils are made from a percentage of recycled aluminium; this percentage fluctuates with every order due to the amount of raw and recycled materials available. All aluminum foil is produced this way and it is impossible to have a hair foil that is made completely from recycled hair foil and aluminum scrap foil. Mixed foil from post and pre-consumer scrap metals can only be used for aluminum alloy die-castings, aluminum alloy bars for construction, engine cases, etc and the quality of the foil is dependent on the aluminum alloy chemical composition of Fe, Mg or Zn elements. It is impossible for aluminum foil to be made from 100% recycled aluminum as the foil’s physical property will be changed to the point where it will crumble and not be a viable option for use as a hair foil.

YES. The foils can be recycled over and over again without the loss of properties. The packaging is also 100% recyclable.

To recycle, please rinse lightly and roll several sheets into a ball that is of a tennis ball size. Any foil you recycle will be made into aluminum products, but not necessarily hair foil. Each of our boxes has a recycling logo, along with simple instructions on how to recycle our foils. Of course, please contact us if you have any enquiries regarding recycling our foils.

Foil Me cares about the environment and the impact the hairdressing industry can have on its health. Therefore it is important to us that our products are made from items that are 100% recyclable. Our brush handles are made from a polypropylene, abbreviated as PP, which is a recyclable thermoplastic polymer widely used in many different products. PP’s resin identification code is 5, and it is recyclable.

Information sourced from:

Our bristles are vegan (they are not made from boar hair) and they are a polybutylene plastic (PB or PBT) which makes them 100% recyclable.

Please enquire with your local council on how to recycle your brushes.

We are passionate about creating high quality products that last and strive to ensure sustainability in everything we do. Because of this, it was important that The Board aligned with our mission to create a greener future for our planet. Not only is The Board crafted completely from recycled plastic, but it is also 100% recyclable and incredibly durable, so you can be sure it will withstand the test of time.

Yes, Foil Me is an equal opportunity employer. It is important to us that everyone is treated equally, no matter what the race, color, gender, national origin, age, religion, creed, disability, veteran's status, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression a person is. Therefore when we employ, recruit, advertise for employment, compensate, terminate, promote, or any other conditions of employment, we only take into consideration their experience and skill set.

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