Revive Your Blondes with Basin Balayage

Balayage has taken the hair industry by storm with its effortlessly chic, less-is-more appeal. Basin balayage is an incredible way to inject some life back into your client's colour and really make it pop - either in the same service as a traditional balayage, or as a standalone service in between colours. 
So, what is it?
Basin balayage is a simplified version of the traditional balayage technique. Instead of a full balayage session, this method involves hand-painting highlights on wet hair directly at the basin area, focusing on freshly coloured ends. It’s designed to create subtle, sun-kissed highlights quickly, ideal for those looking to refresh their blonde ends without spending hours in the chair.
Tips from Sheree Knobel
Foil Me Australian ambassador and industry icon, Sheree Knobel, is the queen of creating dreamy blonde manes. Having mastered the art of basin balayage, Sheree shares how it can elevate your guests’ blonde hair even further!
Basin balayage will create brighter blondes BUT there are a few things you should know to really make your balayage shine."
- Sheree Knobel
Best for Blondes
Basin balayage is perfect for brightening or reigniting faded blonde ends. It's not suitable for darker hair since it’s only processed for 10 minutes and provides 1-2 levels of lift. This quick process can transform dull blonde hair into a radiant masterpiece or really make your guest’s hair pop! 
Preparation is Key
Ensure your hair is knot-free and towel-dried before applying the balayage. This preparation step is crucial for a fast and clean application and allows the colour to adhere evenly and effectively.
Define Your Goal
Be clear about the look you’re aiming to achieve. If you paint all of the ends, the result will be super bright and heavy. For a more natural and subtle appearance, use our Detail Me Brush to really focus on the smaller sections and create a more dimensional colour.
 Create Dimension
For pops of blonde and added dimension, paint only 50% of the ends and leave the other 50% natural. Having natural hair alongside the painted sections will make the blonde highlights stand out more, giving your hair a dynamic and multi-dimensional look.
Set yourself up with the right tools:
Sheree uses our Balayage Me Brush for her basin and traditional balayage techniques to ensure a seamless blend and even application.
For a more refined, detailed application, use our Detail Me Brush when applying colour to the hairline and finer strands for a higher impact, dimensional colour.
Providing a stable platform for you to paint the hair, The Board is also recommended to fully saturate and infiltrate the strands.
For traditional balayage techniques which form the base for your basin balayage, these longer, wider foils are an absolute must!
Whether you want a subtle refresh or more pronounced highlights, basin balayage is a great way to elevate your guests’ existing colour. And, with the right tools and techniques, they will leave the salon with hair that feels as good as it looks. Well, what are you waiting for? Happy painting!

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