Fall in Love with Foil Me's Recent Collection, 'The Love Letter'

Hey, Movers! It’s finally time we let you in on a little secret. Now, we’ve been keeping this one under wraps for quite some time, so naturally, we’ve got to work up a little suspense first...Alright, fine - we’ll give you a little hint: love is in the hair.

Any ideas? Okay, okay - we suppose you’ve waited long enough.

We are absolutely thrilled to announce the release of our new collection in collaboration with Kaine Vakai and Ayden Hawkins of Kaine Vakai Hair Artistry, ‘The Love Letter’!

So, what’s so special about The Love Letter?

Well, aside from the fact it’s the first EVER collection we’ve created with two alternating designs in one box, it holds a very dear meaning to KV Hair Artistry owners, Kaine and Ayden. A tangible representation of the love they share for each other and the hair industry, ‘The Love Letter’ was created to nurture creativity and connection, both in and out of the salon.

“'The Love Letter’ is a culmination of our experiences in business and in life. We want hair industry professionals to keep inspiring themselves through their artistry and remember the great impact we have on people and the way they feel,” says Ayden.

 “‘It represents our Love as partners in life and work, for each other and our business. We hope for this collection to hold its own meaning for you and to help inspire more beautiful creativity in our industry!”

With Kaine and Ayden’s vision at the forefront of our minds, we had no choice but to make this collection something special. Initially, the idea was to create a unique marble foil – that was, until our CEO and Creative Director, Emily Ciardiello, had a lightbulb moment. From there, the idea to have an interwoven, alternating design was born. 

Emily explains, “we wanted two different sheets in one box so when they’re applied together, they are complete - like Ayden and Kaine - two different people, who, when put together, complement each other.”

Inspo and meaning aside, let’s talk design. So, what exactly does this ‘two alternating sheets’ situation involve?  Just as it sounds, 'The Love Letter' features two different designs in each box – one with a luxe pink marble (all hand drawn, by the way) and the other with written affirmations to inspire your inner artist. Encouraging motivation and confidence within'The Love Letter' is not just your typical foil, but a visually interactive experience for all. It's like having a pocket-sized motivational speaker shouting encouragement with every pull!

Available in three of our most popular sizes, The Original (12.5cm x 27cm), The Wide (15cm x 27cm) and The Extra Wide (20cm x 40cm), you’ll be spoilt for choice with this collection. And, with our highly regarded signature embossing and exclusive foil composition, you can expect an effortless foiling experience, every time.

Ready to fall in love? 'The Love Letter' is waiting for you. And, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the timing couldn’t be better! Here to celebrate you and your craft, this heartfelt collection is the perfect addition to your salon this Valentine’s Day…and beyond!

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