Balayage tips from Foil Me Ambassador, Gioacchino Raniolo

Hey, Movers! We heard you loud and clear—you want hair tips you can actually use, and we’re here to deliver. Introducing our new Ambassador series, where each month we’ll spotlight a different Foil Me ambassador who’s ready to share their top tips, trends, and techniques with you.
This month, we're super excited to feature the amazing Gioacchino Raniolo, a master colourist and Foil Me Ambassador hailing all the way from Germany. Gio is part of the incredible team at Fabian Maier Balayage Salon and an educator at Addicted To Balayage. He’s got a serious passion for his craft and loves sharing his balayage expertise with others.
To gain some insight into Gio’s inner hair genius, we asked him some questions we thought you might find interesting. Ready to get inspired? Let’s jump in!
“I have specialized in the Balayage technique, and I love using Foil Me's foils for all Balayage techniques. Not only because they make my daily work easier and guarantee perfect results, but also because Foil Me is sustainable and environmentally friendly, which is especially important to me."

“My favorite technique is Contrast Balayage because I love seeing depth and dimension in the hair.”


“This is my tip for every colorist who asks me what is important in a Balayage: ‘In a Balayage, it’s not only important what becomes light but just as important what remains dark! This guarantees a multidimensional play in the hair and long-lasting comfort for the client.” 

To get some insight into how Gio achieves an effortless balayage, we asked him which Foil Me hair tools he recommends - here’s what he said:

“My must-haves for every Balayage are, of course, The Board and The Detail Me Brush! The Board provides me with perfect support for freehand Balayage techniques or even when working with Balayage over foils. For the perfect blend, my go-to is The Detail Me Brush. It’s my second brush that I always have by my side to perfect transitions!”

The Board

Let’s be honest, balayage and hair painting are some of the most time-consuming techniques out there. Thankfully, The Board is perfect for helping minimise the toll that hours of painting can take; with its ergonomic, flexible design, this tool minimises strain during the application process while providing flawless results, every time.
Unique and innovative, this brush features an elongated tail comb which helps to achieve precise, intricate colour placement. Arguably one of the most useful tools for perfecting this technique, the Detail Me brush is adored for its long, thick bristles that help to seamlessly blend colour.
Want more from Gio? Head over to his Instagram (@raniolo)! He’s always dropping tips on how to master your balayage while keeping your guest’s hair healthy - plus, you’ll find tons of hair inspo from his amazing portfolio of work. Here’s a little gem from one of Gio’s captions that really showcases his knowledge and expertise:
“My motto is: less is more! For example, look at my client here - we just refreshed the face-framing and gently pulled the balayage over the forehead. I think it’s important🏼 that the hair is not completely treated every time, because that would stress her out a lot.”

“My Tip: After a major treatment, give your balayage a touch-up every 3 to 4 months and only come to the next major treatment after another 3-4 months. This way your hair will have enough time to regenerate with the right care.
Looking for more ideas on how you can achieve an incredible balayage? We’ve got you covered!
Just like Gio, we recommend both The Board and The Detail Me Brush, but there are a couple of other things we believe are a MUST when it comes to creating a seamless balayage:

These longer, wider foils make them ideal for achieving the perfect results in less time, meaning you can streamline the colouring process all the while maintaining high quality results.
With its long thick bristles and a comfortable grip, the Balayage Me was quite literally MADE for balayage! Custom designed by the brilliant Sheree Knobel in collaboration with Foil Me, this innovative brush is your go-to for achieving beautiful blends.
Did you enjoy hearing from Gio? We hope so! If you did, stay tuned for more tips and inspo in the coming months as we speak with our other incredible Ambassadors about their go-to tips and tricks - and in the meantime, happy colouring!

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