There are foils...and there is Foil Me.

World renowned Grip Me Originals and Grip Me collection are elegantly designed and customised for the most discerning of master colourists.
The signature embossing saves time by preventing slipping and assisting quicker colour processing time. The convenient and modern design ensures orderly and efficient dispensing of each individual sheet, without sticking to each other. The collection also offers choice in the thickness of the foil and the sizes, with elegant luxurious packaging that suits any salon decor.
For those who prefer to tailor the length of their foil, Foil Me also offers the Roll Me collection where colourists enjoy our elegant packaging and premium grade foil in convenient rolls with their own cutting facilities.
Impressive, efficient and supportive service where understanding your needs is Foil Me's ethos. The experience with us continues past the ordering stage as we continue to support you through social media and other forms of communication; when you order from Foil Me, you become a part of the Foil Me family.
If you'd like to try our world renowned foil and begin your journey of an easier life as a master colourist, click here to order one of our sample packs.